About the Artist

Zia Image 1.jpeg

       Born in Santa Cruz, California in 1991, Zia Asuncion has gradually become an artist among many other things. A love for the hospitality industry has allowed her to both live and travel around the world. Although her travels formed her into the woman she has become, her inspiration for art comes from the individual emotional experiences and adversities which have guided her life’s path. Growing up, Zia’s parents constantly encouraged a wide range of creative expression in their house. She and her mother would dance around the living room to music, then freely draw in art pads, and finish with getting their hands dirty in plato or clay. This creative spirit remained within her as she grew up. Throughout public school, she was drawn to every art class available, from ceramics, painting, and dance. It wasn’t until participating in a general art class at Cabrillo College, that Zia began to not only focus on her artistic ability but realize she had a talent for it.  

       She fell in love with charcoal first, excited by the ability to create intense darkness while maintaining very precise detail. Through her own trial and error of techniques, Zia began a series of portraits. The turtle was her first piece, a totem gift for her father. The horse emerged, two years later, from two of the most difficult months of Zia’s life, and established itself as the figurehead to something she hadn’t realized before; she has something to say, and it isn’t in words. The relationship of light and dark, yin and yang, sadness, and joy lead Zia through her creative process. By choosing animals as the subject, she hopes to inspire a deeper connection between humans and the natural world. She strives to create a powerful movement of emotion within a still image to achieve this. My art has given me space to creatively express all of my own feelings, no matter what they are. Many of my pieces are the darkest and most vulnerable parts of me. I hope my art makes you feel one way or another, whatever it may be, ultimately inspiring your own passion and action. 

     Zia recently began her formal art education, working towards a fine art degree, teaching credential, and a minor in psychology at San Jose State. Her dream is to use art therapy as a treatment technique to help people heal from trauma. All art purchases go directly to her education.